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EBI Cranes manufactures three basic models, Lattice Boom Marine Cranes, Telescopic Boom Marine Cranes and Fixed Boom Marine Cranes. Each crane having its special purpose in the pedestal crane market. All three crane types can be equipped with special features to greater enhance specific job tasks or crane performance. EBI’s dedicated team of certified and specialized fabricators, welders, and machinists have the ability to machine a variety of components for customers with the most modern technology in machining and fabrication. From conceptual design to finished product, EBI’s machining and fabrication engineers and draftsmen stand by your side to ensure that quality and satisfaction is achieved. EBI aims to ensure that your concept, drawing, or design is achieved the way you like it!

EBI’s machining and fabrication experts will ensure that your job is done in a timely manner. No matter what level of complication your machining and fabrication project is our advanced team of fabricators and machinists will devise a plan to communicate effectively with you. With a team that is dedicated and highly skilled, EBI offers the best machining and fabrication services world wide.

engiso 2.jpg

Engiso Engineered Solutions

Drilling and welding the archaic and static install-method has finally found its replacement. The V-Mag multipurpose Neodyme magnet is the perfect product in an ever-changing environment. The V-Mag's are constructed using Neodyme magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnets available. The V-Mag's are constructed using Neodyme magnets, which are the strongest permanent magnets available, furthermore the Neodyme magnets does not lose its magnetic force over time. They are coated with a layer of black EPDM rubber which has outstanding heat, ozone and weather resistance. The size and color of the V-Mag can be tailored to the potential need of the costumer. Furthermore, they are delivered with pre-fitted A4 bolts in stainless steel, which allows for a custom fit. No welding needed. No painting or modification needed. Easy and fast fitting/retrofit on existing constructions. Can be removed or relocated without damaging the construction. V-Mag magnet series from Engiso can be applied in various business areas. Including wind energy, the oil & gas industry, the telecom sector, defense and marine.

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Jib Flex

JibFlex improves lifting operations in situations where no conventional lifting beam or crane can operate due to limitations of space.

We believe that safety and efficiency do not need to be compromised in order to meet difficult lifting operations in wind turbines, vessels, or oil/gas platforms. 

JibFlex is developed and patented by SubC Partner.


JibFlex PS – Portable Solution 

  • Can be moved from site to site

  • Carries up to 500 kg

  • Manually operated

  • Working radius up to 7 meters

  • Suited for offshore working environments

  • 41 different configurations (overview next slide)

  • One JibFlex for many anchoring points


JibFlex FS – Fixed Solution 

  • Fixed mounting on wall, beam or frame

  • Carries up to 500 KG

  • Manually operated

  • Working radius up to 6 meters

  • Suited for industry, warehouse, service vans, workshops etc.

  • 26 different configurations

  • One JibFlex for one anchoring point





HS.MARINE has a wide range of fully foldable knuckle and telescopic boom cranes, for low deck space occupation and very compact recovering. All model can be heavily customized versions according to the customers’ special applications. All cranes have been designed and built from the ground up for marine use and are successfully used in the most critical application demonstrating reliability. HS.MARINE cranes are designed and built to last. Low and easy maintenance, reduced spare parts consumption, smaller crane down time and significantly longer time make HS.MARINE the best value money can buy.

The marine environment demands equipment of the highest level of quality to ensure reliable and safe operations: HS.MARINE cranes are able to satisfy these requirements. Through our experience, service commitment and global presence, we supply the best cranes and and we provide the most efficient support.

green instruments.png

Green Instruments

Oil mist is described as tiny droplets of oil in the air. They have a low ignition temperature and pose a large fire hazard.

Oil mist are developed in case of oil leakages, and can be formed if a minor oil leakage occurs in pressurized oil lines or if an oil leakage results in evaporating oil hitting a very hot surface. Oil leakages often occur in engine rooms, pump rooms, and other rooms with hydraulic installations or oil systems under pressure.

In order to avoid fire it is necessary to prevent the formation of oil mist. If you install an oil mist detector, it will detect the formation of oil mist before it reaches a dangerous level.

The G26 Ambient Oil Mist Detector is an acclaimed double-pass opacity monitor. The system uses the latest green laser technology, and can be configured up to 8 detectors per monitor.

Refurbished Equipment

AG Crane & Equipment Co. specializes in finding, sourcing and refurbishing used deck equipment of all types. Purchasing refurbished equipment is a good way to save your company time and money. Our refurbished equipment is high quality and guaranteed. We offer warranties on all our parts and labor. Weather you are looking for cranes of any type, wenches, power units, windlasses or deck equipment we can help source and refurbish to fit your needs. 

Heating blanket with fixed temperature.j

Kuhlmann Electro-Heat

Kuhlmanns industrial heating blankets are the optimal product when it comes to safely and effectively, having to heat elements to a specific temperature.

Electric heating blankets makes it easy to heat up material including composite, carbon, epoxy prepreg and ensure a safe and uniform temperature distribution on the surface of the material. The blanket therefore acts as a perfect heatspreader on the desired material.

Industrial heating mats are used in many industries, including blade repair on wind turbines, repair and production of both the marine industry and the aerospace industry.

This mat is designed in durable but highly flexible and light material with the ability of heating to a maximum temperature of 90°C. This blanket has a 7mm insulation that both ensures to retain heat, but simultaneously also makes the blanket resistant both indoor and outdoor, ensuring a longer lifetime.

Industrial heating blankets are produced either with a controllable thermostat box or with a bimetal fixed temperature controller. The carpet may advantageously be put together to create a larger area to achieve the same smooth and steady temperatures.

 NEW    Now we also offer our heating blankets with a Kuhlmann Digital Temperature Controller - a durable, compact and very easy to use temperature controller for precise temperature adjustment. See specifications below for more detail.

Our heating blankets are available in many standard sizes with different output, which can be seen in the following specification. If a custom size and / or output is wanted, we are of course also able to deliver this. Contact us for more details as well as for delivery.


Ideal for:

  • Curing composite materials.

  • Curing carbon.

  • Curing epoxy prepreg.

  • Curing processes in aerospace industry.

  • Curing processes in marine industry.

  • Blade repair on wind turbines.

Wind turbine rotor blade production



                AG Crane & Equipment is a Manufacturers Representative for EBI Marine Cranes. EBI has designed and fabricated quality marine cranes since 1963. We have over 35 years experience, working with EBI including hundreds of crane installations both US Domestic and International. We take pride in working closely with our customers, assuring the proper crane model selection, for their particular application. We manage each and every project, from purchasing, through fabrication, to installation and beyond. Our main goal is to meet or exceed our customers specifications and expectations. We support our customers investment, by working closely with our manufacturers, to ensure quality after sale support of our products. We are currently working on securing additional complimentary product lines, from other well respected and industry known, manufacturers.


Mike Aitken
Has over 40 years experience in Marketing and Sales Development , in The Marine, Shipbuilding, Upstream, Midstream and Downstream Oil & Gas Industries. Promoting EBI Marine Cranes as well as various other product lines.

Charles Gatlin
Has over 12 years experience in Marketing and Sales Development, in various industries across The Gulf South.






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